Made In America

Kerry Grady Founder, Design Principal

It’s 2014: black, nerd glasses are cool…and made-in-America is back again. Parade Magazine says, “Sometime in the next year, the line outside your local Apple Store may not be for the latest iPhone or iPad—it may be for a new


“The Why” of Branding

Thalia Kalodimos Sr. Writer, Producer 

There is no EHarmony for business. So how do you get someone to want your brand, buy into your business story, and build a soul connection?   According to Adweek’s Cristoph Becker, it’s not brands people are responding to today,


The Designer’s Photographer

Thalia Kalodimos Sr. Writer, Producer

Some people describe him as a brilliant photographer. Others think he’s an uncanny graphic designer, whose witty rebellion and playfulness with shape and type is something a la e.e. cummings. Some have handsome/charming/Swiss/French Francois pegged as the human incarnation of


Bloom Where You’re Planted

Client Profile: Tom Bagley, Pfingsten Partners

“Bloom where you’re planted,” they say.   When Pfingsten Partners set up shop 25 years ago with a borrowed folding table and a Rolodex, they inhabited a space on an oddly named street—Pfingsten Avenue. The “p” is silent. But the phenomenal growth got the


Chicago: Startup City

Thalia Kalodimos Sr. Writer, Producer

No matter how cold the wind blows, Chicago is hotter than ever creatively. That’s why Grady Campbell has not only planted roots here–we’re growing. And we’re in good company.   Google is expanding its Chicago office to the 200,00 square-foot Fulton


Mark Cuban’s 12 Tips For Startups

“The girls all look prettier at closing time,” a country song once joked. If you ask self-made billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban, the same may be true of the boys: “…I’ve learned money can make you extremely handsome.”   Whether he’s


Building Your Brand

Juli Crabtree Director, Brand Dev.

Developing a Brand Strategy can help your business attract more clients / customers, shorten the sales cycle, and ultimately become more profitable. Understanding your audience, market position, brand strength, and value proposition — all elements of strategic branding – are crucial for success.


It’s All in The Name

Lynn Yoong Client Ambassador

Advantix, Advantis, and Advanta. Actuant, Equant, and Reliant. Why are there so many sound-alike names? The simple answer is this: most of the good names are taken. Between the rising tide of start-ups on one hand, and a flood of