Key Insights from Leading PE Partners

Susan Tyson Program Director Top 50 Middle Market PE Firms

After a record-setting 2017, in terms of both deal value and number of transactions, the US PE middle market is off to a mixed start this year. We spoke with senior partners from four leading PE companies to gain insight


In Her Own Words

Susan Tyson Program Director Top 50 Middle Market PE Firms

We spoke with leading women executives from 2018 Top 50 PE Firms in the Middle Market to learn what’s changed for women in PE, the advantages and/ or disadvantages of being a woman in the industry, and their paths that


Raising Our Content IQ

Lisa Stojak Content Marketing Specialist

Not so long ago, it was relatively easy to understand what people read, watched and listened to. There were four television networks, magazines and newspapers, radio and billboards. Marketers knew where to advertise to reach their audiences. If you wanted


Rethinking Paper in the Digital Age

Kerry Grady Founder, Design Principal

There’s been a lot of research into the print versus digital debate. Last year, The Association of Magazine Media published a white paper titled “What can neuroscience tell us about why print advertising works?”, a summation of the findings of


The Power of Design Thinking

Kerry Grady Founder, Design Principal

Design thinking sounds like a slogan created by a management consultant. Actually, it’s a problem-solving approach used by designers for decades. Knowing what the customer wants is not a skill that comes naturally to engineers who develop software for big


Mission Control from Richard Branson

Thalia Kalodimos Sr. Writer, Producer

As puts it: “A company’s mission statement is a constant reminder to its employees of why the company exists and what the founders envisioned when they put their fame and fortune at risk to breathe life into their dreams.”


Giving Back

Thalia Kalodimos Sr. Writer, Producer

Grady Campbell knows brand is more than an overused buzzword. It’s your beliefs, your character, the guiding light that shines through all the work you do. Call it whatever you like, we think it’s just important to remember who you


Why Blog?

Kerry Grady Founder, Design Principal

“Hey, is this heaven?”   “No, it’s Iowa.”   That was the miracle moment in the 1989 film, “Field of Dreams” I’ll never forget.   I’m a corn-fed, born and raised, Iowa boy—who went on to “discover” the “big city”…and


Bloom Where You’re Planted

Client Profile: Tom Bagley, Pfingsten Partners

“Bloom where you’re planted,” they say.   When Pfingsten Partners set up shop 25 years ago with a borrowed folding table and a Rolodex, they inhabited a space on an oddly named street—Pfingsten Avenue. The “p” is silent. But the phenomenal growth got the


Chicago: Startup City

Thalia Kalodimos Sr. Writer, Producer

No matter how cold the wind blows, Chicago is hotter than ever creatively. That’s why Grady Campbell has not only planted roots here–we’re growing. And we’re in good company.   Google is expanding its Chicago office to the 200,00 square-foot Fulton