Pepsi Beats Coke for “World’s Top Brand”

Kerry Grady Founding Principal

The century-old war between soft drink kings Coca-Cola and Pepsi will undoubtedly continue, but for this year’s battle, it’s clear which company has outdone the other in in regard to branding. According to Effie Worldwide’s annual Effectiveness Index, Pepsi has


Law Firm Branding: Design Thinking v. “AI”

Thalia Kalodimos Sr. Writer, Producer

Without thoughtful design, a hasty march into website and digital marketing may lead legal professionals down the wrong path. Clients have always wanted lawyers with experience. Traditionally reputation alone drove people to good attorneys. Then clients like everyone else, began


There’s Nothing Artificial About GCI Intelligence

Thalia Kalodimos Sr. Writer, Producer

Robots aren’t just heading from the “off-world colonies” to the global workplace–they’re already here. The remake of Blade Runner shows how remarkably “futuristic” the present has become. There may be no “replicants” roaming earth, but arguably higher, artificial, intelligence is


How Design and Branding Influence Behavior

Kerry Grady Founder, Design Principal

One way to define branding is as deliberate differentiation. Branding requires that you make very specific, thoughtful decisions about how you are creating that differentiation. Most differentiation isn’t really deliberate – it’s just a point a view, or a reason


Following Instinct

Kerry Grady Founder, Design Principal

Striking a balance between intuition and data   American Business lore is rife with anecdotes of the entrepreneur who followed his/her gut – against all of the odds and naysayers – built a multi-million dollar brand. But if gut instincts –


Business Decision Makers invest in Strong Cultures.

Kerry Grady Founder, Design Principal

Report finds companies focused on their culture are better long-term partners than bottom-line watchers.   Companies are no longer judged on what the say, but rather on what they do. This is why whatever services or products you are selling,


When it Comes to Company Culture: Make it Intentional.

Juli Crabtree Director, Brand Dev.

Why You Need to Take Charge of Your Company’s Culture   How would you describe your company culture? Would your team describe your company culture in a similar way? It’s critical to know that these descriptions are aligned. Take time


Branding and Marketing: What’s the Difference?

Kerry Grady Founder, Design Principal

There are different opinions about this, but in my view, marketing is actively promoting a product or service. It’s a push tactic. It’s pushing out a message to get sales results: “Invest our product because it’s better than theirs.” (or