Key Insights from Leading PE Partners

Susan Tyson Program Director Top 50 Middle Market PE Firms

After a record-setting 2017, in terms of both deal value and number of transactions, the US PE middle market is off to a mixed start this year. We spoke with senior partners from four leading PE companies to gain insight


In Her Own Words

Susan Tyson Program Director Top 50 Middle Market PE Firms

We spoke with leading women executives from 2018 Top 50 PE Firms in the Middle Market to learn what’s changed for women in PE, the advantages and/ or disadvantages of being a woman in the industry, and their paths that


Pepsi Beats Coke for “World’s Top Brand”

Kerry Grady Founding Principal

The century-old war between soft drink kings Coca-Cola and Pepsi will undoubtedly continue, but for this year’s battle, it’s clear which company has outdone the other in in regard to branding. According to Effie Worldwide’s annual Effectiveness Index, Pepsi has


Law Firm Branding: Design Thinking v. “AI”

Thalia Kalodimos Sr. Writer, Producer

Without thoughtful design, a hasty march into website and digital marketing may lead legal professionals down the wrong path. Clients have always wanted lawyers with experience. Traditionally reputation alone drove people to good attorneys. Then clients like everyone else, began


Top Digital Transformation Trends for 2018

Alissa Woockman Team Partner, GCI Digital / Proteus

Digital transformation simply means using technology to make your business better. That business has certainly made eventful leaps in the last year. Companies are realizing that the only way to meet the high expectations of customers is to utilize technology.


There’s Nothing Artificial About GCI Intelligence

Thalia Kalodimos Sr. Writer, Producer

Robots aren’t just heading from the “off-world colonies” to the global workplace–they’re already here. The remake of Blade Runner shows how remarkably “futuristic” the present has become. There may be no “replicants” roaming earth, but arguably higher, artificial, intelligence is


How to Reimagine High-Value Web Development

Joseph Knecht Managing Director, GCI Digital / Proteus

You don’t have to write the Kelley Blue Book to know different car makes and models offer different levels of design quality and user experience. The Kia, Camry and Cadillac, for example. All great cars, but you’re going to get


Beyond the Object: Nintendo Switch Review

Nathan Grady Designer

Hello and welcome to the first of Grady Campbell’s product review series where we will examine some of our favorite things. As designers and developers, we seek to explore and understand the deeper connections between people, ideas and objects. Join